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Hi, my name is Steve Choals and I am the Street and Sanitation Superintendent for the City of Osceola Arkansas. We have a beautiful city and I hope that the information provided will be beneficial to you and help you in your decision to visit us or help you in your decision to relocate in our area!

We are confident that the services we provide to our citizens / community are second to none, so, if we can be of assistance to you or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (870) 563-2612 for more information on any of the departments listed. I hope that the information provided has been beneficial and I hope that you will visit our beautiful and friendly city!


Steve Choals - Street and Sanitation Superintendent

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  • Osceola High School Football Team Day

     DSC0047 1 Osceola High School Football Team Day

    In a ceremony marked by a near overflow crowd, Mayor Wilson declared 12.20.2019 as Osceola High School Football Team Day in recognition of the

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  • Awareness through Art

    0221 Students of the Delta school at Wilson have reached out to the City of Osceola HR and Animal Shelter Director Jane Stanford and asked if she might be interested in

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  • Osceola Leads the Way


    On Thursday, January 23rd, the attendees of the Community Improvement TASKFORCE were treated to a brief presentation by Streets & Sanitation Superintendent, Steve Choals. In his presentation,

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020