Police, Fire & Animal Control Committees

 Stan Williams - Chair 

Sandra Brand
Greg Baker


Chief Collins
Chief Fleming
Jane Stanford


PUBLIC MEETING RULES: These committee meetings fall under requirements of city council public meetings. The chairman should provide Stacey with the meeting agenda so Stacey can fax the proper public notice/agenda to the press. Stacey will see that the meeting is posted on the city’s website. Stacey will make available a recording device, such as a tape recorder, backup batteries and blank cassette tape for the meeting. The chairman is responsible to record the meeting. Afterwards, the chairman should write the date and committee name on the cassette tape and give the tape to Stacey. If the chairman wants the committee’s staff member(s) available, and the meeting is during regular business hours, please contact the mayor to make arrangements.   

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Friday, January 24, 2020