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NAME.  The name of this organization shall be the Osceola Land Bank Commission (the “Commission”).



The purpose of the Commission is to reverse urban blight, increase home ownership and the stability of property values, provide affordable housing, improve the health and safety of neighborhoods within the City of Osceola (the “City”), and maintain the architectural fabric of the community. 



Section 1.     The Commission shall consist of nine (9) qualified persons to be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by City Council.  The Commissioners shall hold the qualifications prescribed in the ordinance which created the Commission, Osceola Ordinance  2019-________

Section 2.     The Commissioners shall have terms of four (4) years, except that the initial members shall have staggered terms to be decided by drawing lots.  Five (5) members shall have four (4) year terms, and four (4) members shall have two (2) year terms.  A Commissioner shall serve until his or her successor is selected.  Commissioners shall be limited to the number of consecutive terms that can be served as set forth in City ordinances, resolution or policy statements.  

Section 3.     Vacancies shall be filled by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council.

Section 4.     When a member of the Commission has missed 25% of all regular meetings in one (1) calendar year or (3) consecutive regularly scheduled meetings, this will be considered nonfeasance and are subject to removal from the Commission and replaced by appointment according to Section 3.




Section 1.     Regular meetings of the Commission shall be held at least monthly at a place and time set by the Commission in the City Hall meeting room, or such other place as designated by the Commission.

Section 2.     Special meetings of the Commission may be called by the Chair, or in the absence of the Chair, by the Vice-Chair, or upon written request of five (5) or more Commissioners.  Notice of a special meeting, shall be given as prescribed by the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”).

Section 3.     An agenda for each regularly scheduled meeting and the minutes of the last meeting shall be sent to each Commission member in advance of the meeting.  The Chair shall approve the agenda for each meeting and additional items may be proposed by any member of the Commission.  The agenda should consist of the following topics:

  • Roll Call
  • Finding of a quorum
  • Approval of minutes of previous meeting
  • Citizen communication (limited to 3 minutes per person, with a maximum of 21 minutes

    allowed for citizen communication)

  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Adjournment

Section 4.     The Commission shall act as a body in making its decisions and announcing them.  No Member other than the Chair shall speak or act for the Commission without prior authorization.

Section 5.     All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public, and notice of these meetings shall be provided in compliance with FOIA and state statute.

Section 6.     A record of the proceedings of the Commission shall be maintained per state statute.



Section 1.     The officers of the Commission shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.  The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected by the Commission.  The Secretary shall be the Mayor or his/her designated representative who shall serve in an ex-officio capacity.

Section 2.     Terms of officers shall be for two (years) and officers may succeed themselves.

Section 3.     The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

CHAIR.           The Chair shall preside over all meetings and is responsible for establishing the monthly meeting agenda.  The Chair shall have the authority to call special meetings provided the proper notices

are given.  The Chair shall appoint the members of all committees and is considered an ex-officio member of all committees.  The Chair shall sign all approved minutes and, when authorized, other documents on behalf of the Commission. 

VICE-CHAIR.  In the event of the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair.

SECRETARY.        The Secretary shall keep accurate records of all proceeding of the Commission.  Minutes of all Commission meetings shall be promptly recorded and maintained and shall be open for public inspection.  The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of attendance.  The Secretary shall also be responsible for:

  • Preparing routine correspondence
  • Maintaining the files of the Commission
  • Keeping track of the current membership of the Commission and the terms of office of the  

    individual members

  • Maintaining a record of the organization of the Commission and its staff.
  • At the direction of the Chair, prepare the agenda of items to be considered at meetings of the  


  • Attesting documents of the Commission.





The Commission shall have all the duties, powers and authority provided for in ORD-2019-_____.




The Commission may establish standing and special committees as deemed necessary and appropriate.  Standing committees shall be composed of two (2) or more Commissioners, but less than a quorum of the full Commission, and shall hold membership for one (1) year or until succeeded.  Special committees shall be dissolved when the particular function with which the special committee was charged has been completed.   No special committee shall exist for period of more than twelve (12) consecutive months, except by the direction of the full Commission.  The Chair also has the discretion to create subcommittees to assist standing and special committees with specific projects or functions.  The subcommittees would consist of private citizens appointed by the Chair, with the advice and counsel of the full Commission, who are determined to possess expertise in an area that would be of benefit to a standing or special committee  These subcommittees shall be dissolved upon completion off their work, as determined by the Chair, with the advice and counsel of the full Commission,  All committees are advisory in nature and do not have the authority to make final decisions on Commission policy regarding any Commission business.  Such decisions are reserved for the Commission itself and must be considered at a regular or special meeting.



As required by ORD-2019-____, the Commission hereby adopts its Land Bank Redevelopment Plan:

The Commission shall focus its limited resources on those target areas of the City that show significant signs of decline with the objective of achieving a concentration of revitalization and stabilized or improved property values that will spur private investment in surrounding areas.  Signs of decline could be, for example the highest concentrations of vacant structures, the most criminal activity, the highest poverty rates, the least owner occupied housing or the least capacity for self-revitalization.

In the selected target areas, the Commission may:

  1. Seek to acquire individual or contiguous groups of properties, strategically located in the general vicinity of established public or private institutions.
  1. Attempt to clear title on all parcels it acquires.
  1. With respect to its parcels and the surrounding neighborhoods, advocate for actions that will help stabilize or enhance property values, such as seeking an affordable method for cleaning titles on parcels owned by others; requesting that City Council and departments demolish unsafe and, vacant structures make street repairs as well as sidewalk and drainage improvements; concentrate code enforcement; concentrate federal Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and HOME Funds: and USDA Rural Development Grants.
  1. Offer its parcel individually or in groups as it may determine is in the best interests of the neighborhood and in a manner consistent with Land Bank Priorities and Policies.


AMENDMENTS OF BLYLAWS.   These bylaws may be amended at any regular business, meeting of the Commission by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the Commission, provided the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular business meeting, and shall become effective when approved by the Osceola City Council.


Secretary:  _______________________________         Chair:  __________________________________

Approved this _____th day of _______, 2019, by the Osceola Land Bank Commission.

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