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City of Osceola Municipal Property Insured through

09.24.2020  |  (SOURCE: pdfCCF09242020_0001.pdf764.75 KB)
0139Animal Shelter2501 West Semmes Av
0140City Hall/Light & Power303 Hale Ave.
0141Drug Taskforce Bldg.316 W  Hale Ave.
0142Community Center Bldg.382 North Country C
0143Backboards & Support fixtures382  North Country C
0144BasketbalI Mezzanine382  North Counrty C
0145Canopies382  North Country C
0146Senior Citizens Center A&B697  North Walnut St
0147Fire Dept.  Station#1200 North Carthon
0148Stand by Generator200 North Carthon
0149Fire Station# 2702 South Ermen Lan
0150Pro Shop903 South Country C
0151Golf Course Repair & Storage S903 South Country C
0152Golf Cart Shed# 5903 South Country C
0153Golf Cart Shed 6903 Country Club Ro
0154Osceola Industries (Fruit of L1425 Ohlendorf Road
0155Justice Building401 West Keiser Ave
0156Generator/ Diesel-natural gas401 West Keiser Ave
0157Surveillance System-Color401 West Keiser Ave
0158Cooler & Freezer (walk in)401 West  Keiser Ave
0159L & P Vehicle Maintenance Shop101 East Semmes Ave
0160L&P Vehicle Material Storage101 East Semmes Ave
0162S&S Office & Breakroom101 East Semmes Ave
0163S&S Street & Santation Equipmn101 East Semmes Ave
0164S&S Garbage Bag & General Stor101 East Semmes Ave
0165W&W Equipment & Storage100 West Semmes Ave
0166W&W Lab,  Shop &  Material Stora100 West Semmes Ave
0167W&W Material Storage100 West Semmes Ave
0168W&W Caterpillar Gen 1.5 mega w100 West Simmes Ave
01692 Steel Water Tanks 300,000100 West Semmes Ave
0170Filter House (Water Treatment100 West Simmes Ave
0172Areator and Clarifier100 West Simmes Ave
0173Primary Filter Tank100 West Simmes Ave
0174Water Tank (500,000 gal)  Eleva905 South Garden Dr
0175Water Tank (500,000 Gal) Elev3598 West Keiser Av
0177Mobile Office for Airport (tie200 Airport Rd.
0178S&S Street & Sanitation  Mosqui101 East Semmes Ave
0179Coston Building217 West Hale Ave.
0180AC System Equipment - Communit382  North Country C
0181Generator  EquipmentLift Stations-Count
0182Rosenwald Community Center510 Childress

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