On Thursday, January 23rd, the attendees of the Community Improvement TASKFORCE were treated to a brief presentation by Streets & Sanitation Superintendent, Steve Choals. In his presentation, Choals outlined several goals his department was targeting to reduce the overall carbon footprint of Osceola through a multi-faceted recycling program. Cardboard, glass, and plastics are top priorities.


The first major phase is an expansion of the cardboard and waste paper program. The Taskforce questioned the expense of expansion and were advised that the program would reduce expenses related to dumping at the Mississippi County Landfill and generate revenue through the sale of bundled cardboard and paper.

Inmates from Arkansas Community Corrections (ACC) are currently working to fabricate wire and metal collection containers for cardboard. These bins will be strategically placed throughout the town in a manner meant to encourage participation and offer convenience.

Choals went on to inform the Taskforce that several municipalities in the region and across the state are watching and learning from the Osceola recycling program. Indications are that Osceola will be used as a pilot model.  

The existence of municipal recycling programs is an important factor given by potential newcomers when making residency decisions due to business, career or job relocation.