IMG 20200225 1028363IMG 20200225 1027522The newly reorganized steering committee of “Osceola Local Foods Local Places” met on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 with Ray Fulmer of the City of Osceola taking the driver's seat. Originally formed in 2015-16, the program focuses primarily on “food desert” prevention and reversal.

The recent meeting was held as an open forum to discuss potential end markets for locally sourced produce and other foods. Mobile delivery into disadvantaged neighborhoods and institutional (schools, jail, etc) sales were at the top of the group's list. Future meetings will (in a backward moving fashion) address issues such as distribution, labor, cultivatable land and the actual products.

For more information on the Osceola LFLP program or to volunteer, contact Ray Fulmer at Osceola City Hall.

For reference, a link to the 2015 community input survey findings and action plan is provided below.


Wednesday, December 02, 2020