The Commission operates on grant funds from the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program in collaboration with Main Street Arkansas, both affiliated with the Department of Arkansas Heritage.

The Osceola Historic District is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that oversees historic downtown Osceola, Arkansas.  Our primary goal is to ensure the preservation and integrity of the district.

2014 Osceola Historic District Commission Board

  • Glynda Thompson, Chairperson
  • Dr. L.B. Keller, Vice Chairperson
  • Susan Prewitt-Fetsch
  • Sylvia Prewitt
  • Lib Shippen
  • Nancy Zenanko
  • Reid Fergus
  • Dr. Joe Thomas
  • Robert Zenanko

The board members of the Osceola, Arkansas Historic District are appointed by the Mayor.
Patricia Blick, Certified Local Government Coordinator with the Department of Arkansas Heritage, oversees the commission.