On behalf of the City of Osceola I would like to extend our prayers and condolences to Jennifer Kennemore and all of Mayor Dickie Kennmore’s family and friends. KMooreSeal

For decades the name Dickie Kennemore has been synonymous with Osceola. His commitment to the city and belief in Osceola’s future was dear to him. He spent 28 years as the mayor, during which time he oversaw the building of the OPAR Community Center, the move of City Hall into the former downtown bank building, and most importantly the successful recruitment of numerous large industries to our town. This was in addition to his private work as a real estate and insurance broker.

He often bragged that our residents are what make Osceola great. Mayor Kennemore was always there to inspire others to help this community with his words and example. There was no one who lived in Osceola for any length of time who hadn’t met him for business, at the Country Club, at City Hall, at a public function, drinking coffee at McDonald’s, or working out at the community center. He was a believer that this town was worth fighting for because of the people who called it home. It was for this reason that he chose to live his life here, raise his family here, and it is here that his passing will be hardest felt.

We also remember Mayor Kennemore as a man of faith, who’s convictions in biblical teachings guided his values. He was a long-time member of Osceola Church of Christ and an avid reader of reflections on faith and society.

Altogether, Mayor Kennemore was our personal friend, our community champion, and a man of living convictions. For these reasons and many more, he will be missed.

We would like to share our appreciation with neighboring towns who have sent their condolences to our city and residents.

Finally, we have been given the blessing by the Kennemore family to request that the City of Osceola rename the Osceola Community Center in Dickie’s memory. If approved by the Osceola City Council, a dedication ceremony will be held as soon as COVID restrictions allow.

Sincerely, Sally

Wednesday, January 20, 2021