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Grant Award Secures the Completion of Osceola’s “Coston Fine Arts Center”

After years of hard work, planning, and more hard work the municipal project, which is now known as the “Coston Fine Arts Center” appears to be coming to fruition.

“It is a pleasure to announce the awarding of $295,569.00 in grants for revitalization of the Coston building in downtown Osceola. I deeply appreciate the personal dedication shown by Jane Stanford, Mississippi County Historical and Genealogical Society, Tamika Jenkins and other volunteers in their efforts to bring an exciting rehabilitation and reuse of a historic structure in our historic Downtown Business district.”  Mayor Sally Wilson stated in an announcement today.

It was only two years ago that cleanup and minimal preservation efforts of the historic Coston Building located in downtown Osceola, Arkansas began when the municipality received a Historic Preservation Grant through the Department of Arkansas Heritage for façade repair and tuck-pointing in the amount of $21,000.00. In-kind work of city employees as well as volunteers, for painting, building cleanup, and debris removal moved the preservation project forward.

The potential for creating the “Coston Fine Arts Center” was began taking shape with the awarding of sequential Historic Preservation Grants. The first grant in the amount of $39,794.00 was awarded in 2018 and the second for $39,797.00 was awarded June 25th, 2019. The later grand was designated to begin Phase 1 of a complete restoration of the Coston Building. 

In a letter to Mayor Sally Wilson (received July 1st, 2019) the City of Osceola was informed that their grant application to further fund the restoration of Coston1the historic Coston Building as a home for the CFAC was approved. The minimum total of the grant is $144,992.00. Furthermore, the awarding of this current grant has secured an additional $50,000.00 from the USDA Rural Development Facilities program. 

Jane Stanford, the lead project coordinator states; “The purpose of the CFAC is to engage the public by educating and entertaining through the arts. Programs will be made possible by the generosity of sponsors and contributing members.  Sustaining support will be made through the visual and performance art sponsorships, memorials or honoraria.”

Osceola’s Comprehensive Plan states that it is the policy of the City “to leverage public resources and infrastructure investments to encourage private investment in downtown, to encourage the coordination and joint-marketing of downtown businesses, to promote and assist in providing regular and seasonal events and programming for downtown.”  With downtown’s pedestrian-friendly scale and unique character, the Coston building’s revitalization will enhance the visual aesthetic of our city center and help transform its role into that of a district of diverse uses. The Coston Fine Arts Center will serve as the quality benchmark for many more things to come and in planning within our city center as we strive to preserve, protect and enhance our downtown. 

Sally WilsonCoston2 Mayor

The latest round of funding has put this project on track to be completed within the next six months.

The building is currently maintained by the City of Osceola.


Funding History:

Historic Preservation Grant through the Department of Arkansas Heritage to repair façade
and tuck-pointing for $21,000.00 In-kind work by city employees as well as volunteers, for
painting, building clean-up and debris removal.
Historic Preservation Grant through the Department of Arkansas Heritage for phase 1 of
restoration in the amount of $39,797.00.
Historic Preservation Grant through the Department of Arkansas Heritage for $39,780.00.
Community Development Block Grant through AEDC in the amount of $144,992.00 and USDA
funds set aside in the amount of $50,000.00





Jane Stanford
City of Osceola (Arkansas)
(870) 563-5245





jpgWilson_Stanford_12.28 MB03/07/2019, 10:27

jpgWilson_Stanford_22.45 MB03/07/2019, 10:27

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