2019 Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year

For Immediate Release

Mayor Sally L. Wilson  -  City of Osceola  -  870.563.5245
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November, 14th 2019 - Osceola, Ark.

The City of Osceola has been named as one of the eight recipients of the 2019 Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year award. Text from the notification letter follows.

Congratulations on being selected as one of the eight communities to receive the 2019 Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year Award!  The eight communities being honored this year are: Eureka Springs, Greenbrier, Fairfield Bay, Osceola, Alma, Jonesboro, VanBuren and Fayetteville.  We encourage you to notify your municipal leadership and inform your state district officials of the prestigious recognition you’ve earned.

The awards will be presented to the honorees on Thursday, February 13 at a noon luncheon during the Arkansas Municipal League’s City of Osceola(AML) Winter Conference in Little Rock.  Two representatives from each winning community will be seated at the front of the banquet hall with the other winning communities and EngageAR Service Commission Commissioners.


Please express our sincere appreciation to the volunteers in your community who give so unselfishly of themselves and their resources.  EngageAR is at your service to provide civic engagement and service initiative resources, including but not limited to training, facilitating collaboration and providing AmeriCorps grant application support and guidance. 

It is our honor and privilege to partner with the Arkansas Municipal League in recognizing those municipalities showing innovative approaches to solving local problems through civic engagement.  We are anxious to share your stories and celebrate with you on February 13, 2020. 

Serving Together




EngageAR is a collaborative programmatic initiative to create a culture of service in Arkansas that permeates activities of the family, education, business, government and the nonprofit.

EngageAR believes local communities know best how to solve local problems. The staff work to develop partnerships within government agencies, municipalities, institutions of education, and the nonprofit and faith-based sector, developing and promoting civic engagement to undergird the services offered through public agencies.