Volunteers & Unpaid Internships

The City of Osceola understands the importance of community involvement in our programs and committees.  There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities with the City and with area organizations. Everyone can make a difference.  Many volunteer opportunities can be found at http://www.volunteerAR.org  

Volunteer Opportunities with the City

We have opportunities throughout the year for every type of interest, experience, skill level, and various time commitments, from a few hours on a single project to serving on a board or committee that requires several hours per month, and lots in between. If you don't see something that interests you please call City Hall at (870)563-5245 and ask for volunteer services. We can often find an opportunity to suit your interests.

City Departments that have an ongoing need for volunteers include:

  • Animal Shelter - Volunteering with Osceola Animal Services is a rewarding experience. Volunteer opportunities include dog walking, cat socialization, photography, foster care, bathing and grooming animals, adoption advising, foster care, and more!
  • Osceola citizen task forces, project teams, committees, commissions, and authorities consist of mostly volunteer citizens who are devoted to giving their time and expertise on issues relating to each. Commissions and Authorities are appointed by the mayor and vacancies are announced by the mayor.
  • OPAR -  Volunteers are essential to helping maintain the plentiful trails, parks, gardens, and recreational programs in the City of Osceola. Volunteers provide invaluable assistance through various activities, including invasive plant removal and habitat restoration projects, litter cleanups on public properties, coaching, and by being out in parks and trails to assist people in need.
  • Rosenwald, Senior Citizen or Head Start Community Center - These centers offer many programs and many opportunities for volunteers ages 14 and up. The Centers posts their volunteer needs on vlunteerAR.org or GivePulse.com. You can log in with your facebook account, or email address.
  • Community Gardens -There are city-sponsored Community and Fruit or Music Gardens in the City, or you can start your own.

Internships with the City of Osceola

Some City departments regularly use interns to help with daily operations. Others work with interns on a project-by-project basis. Current internship openings are listed below.  If you would like to discuss other  possible internships with the City, please contact the Community Engagement team by email 

Department of Sustainability Internships

The Osceola Department of Sustainability is seeking undergraduate students who are passionate about sustainability and interested in having an opportunity to work directly with city staff as Fall/Spring Interns. Competitive candidates will display some background education regarding sustainability, demonstrate a high level of  motivation to assist the city in pursuing sustainable goals, and exhibit enthusiasm when presented with challenging tasks. This specific experience will provide interns with the opportunity to contribute meaningful work to the City of Osceola‚Äôs Department of Sustainability through the primary initiatives of: Research, Data Reporting, and Community Outreach.   For full description, contact Human Resources at City Hall

Interested students should send a copy of their resume and cover letter to City Hall

Volunteer in the Community

Many organizations post their volunteer needs on http://www.volunteerAR.org or GivePulse.com. There are a wide variety of opportunities available here for many non-profit and charitable organizations across the city and the region. 

Arkansas Northeastern College provides a central hub for dozens of non-profit agencies and organizations in Mississippi County Arkansas to list their service projects. You can search by interests such as animals, kids, environmental, or one-time projects. As an individual you can log your service hours and keep track of all the projects you have been involved with. Organizations are encouraged to register with the Center to post opportunities and reach a large audience of willing volunteers.

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