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Awareness through Art

0221Students of the Delta school at Wilson have reached out to the City of Osceola HR and Animal Shelter Director Jane Stanford and asked if she might be interested in partnering with one of the Elementary-aged classrooms. The students are looking to explore philanthropy and the use of art to build awareness for local organizations such as the Osceola Animal Shelter. A brief presentation was given so that the students could learn more about the critical mission and funding of the Animal Shelter.

The City of Osceola Animal Shelter is a municipal animal control shelter that works in coordination with volunteers dedicated together to place unwanted animals into responsible homes, return lost animals to their owners and reduce the number of animals that must be humanely euthanized.

Funds provided by the City are supplemented by public donations and grants.


Osceola High School Football Team Day

 DSC0047 1Osceola High School Football Team Day

In a ceremony marked by a near overflow crowd, Mayor Wilson declared 12.20.2019 as Osceola High School Football Team Day in recognition of the 2019 winning season.

The ceremony was attended by the football team, coaching staff, teachers, administrators, and parents.

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CIT | 12.19.2019


CIT | 12.19.2019

The Community Improvement Taskforce (CIT) met today at Osceola City Hall. Shawn Chafin led the brief meeting as Chairperson. Others in attendance were Stacey Travis, Ed Richardson, Donna Lorino, Luther Wakefield, Mayor Sally Wilson, Steve Choals and Ray Fulmer.

The CIT was informed by Chafin of the final installation of trail cameras. Two cameras are now active in areas identified as being prone to dumping. Earlier this year the group researched and identified this practice as a key source of downtown litter. Images captured from the cameras will provide the necessary legal evidence for effectively prosecuting offenders.

The cameras were purchased by the City of Osceola through a grant facilitated by Main Street Osceola.

Ed Richardson provided the group with an update on a recent survey of businesses located within the city limits. The majority of the businesses surveyed complied with a long-standing municipal ordinance requiring payment and public display of a City Privilege License. Non-compliant businesses were provided with an abbreviated copy of the ordinance, instructions, contact information and an application form. At this time, no current businesses have been ticketed or fined for failure to comply wiIMG 20191219 1059009 2th Ord. No. 1993-690.

Positive progress reports were also made regarding

  • efforts to repurpose two eyesore properties within the I55 - Hwy.140 entrance area
  • an opportunity to acquire a derelict property with historic significance
  • an expansion of the Mayor's placemaking initiative

A major project being planned by the CIT for 2020 is the implementation of a Local Foods | Local Places initiative. Phase one of the program is the establishment of a certified commercial kitchen. Two municipal properties are currently being considered as test sites.

Partial funding for the LFLP initiative will come from a USDA/DRA grant. 

CIT meetings are open to the public.

2019 Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year

For Immediate Release

Mayor Sally L. Wilson  -  City of Osceola  -  870.563.5245
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


November, 14th 2019 - Osceola, Ark.

The City of Osceola has been named as one of the eight recipients of the 2019 Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year award. Text from the notification letter follows.

Congratulations on being selected as one of the eight communities to receive the 2019 Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year Award!  The eight communities being honored this year are: Eureka Springs, Greenbrier, Fairfield Bay, Osceola, Alma, Jonesboro, VanBuren and Fayetteville.  We encourage you to notify your municipal leadership and inform your state district officials of the prestigious recognition you’ve earned.

The awards will be presented to the honorees on Thursday, February 13 at a noon luncheon during the Arkansas Municipal League’s City of Osceola(AML) Winter Conference in Little Rock.  Two representatives from each winning community will be seated at the front of the banquet hall with the other winning communities and EngageAR Service Commission Commissioners.

INVITATION TO BID | City of Osceola


The City of Osceola will receive sealed bids for proposal to provide strategic planning services for the City of Osceola, AR.  The purpose of the plan is to OsceolaSeal2019increase music tourism, create new retail development, and tax revenue from music tourism.  Sealed bids will be received at the office of the Mayor, located at 303 W. Hale, until 10:00 am on Thursday, November 7, 2019.  At that time all bids will be opened and read aloud.  The City reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount or to reject any or all bids and waive formalities what-so-ever.  The organization must have a record of success in providing such services. 

For more information, contact Ray Fulmer at (870)563-5245.  The City is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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